When do we start working on your case?

Updated: Apr 17

We can't believe what some of our clients have gone through before becoming part of our family.

Over the past couple of months, we have gotten several calls asking the firm what our timeframe is after full payment to start helping them. Full payment? We asked. "Yes, at another firm we were asked to make a full payment for the entire case before they would even begin working with us"

No. That is NOT how we work here.

Hear more about how we start helping you even before you have completed your payment from our lawyer, Alena:

Need more information? Select the method of communication that best suits your needs in the following link: rayconradlaw.com/linktree

We are here to support you:

Email: https://gt.bottools.io/Z2dt

Whatsapp: wa.me/13109877172

Phone Number: 3109877172

Meet with Alena: https://calendly.com/alena-law

This is general information and not legal advice. For advice about your specific situation, please schedule a consultation. (There is a fee).

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