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U Visa Cases for Victims of Crimes

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Lately we have had an increase in clients applying for the U Visa so I wanted to take a moment to discuss this type of case.

The U Visa is for victims of certain types of crimes that occurred here in the United States.

It is not for all crimes, so an immigration attorney needs to review the police report or court documents (if there was court) to see if it qualifies.

After that, the next step is to ask the police or prosecutors to sign a certification saying that the person was the victim of a crime, that they were physically or emotionally hurt, and that they cooperated.

If the police or prosecutors sign the certification, then the case can be sent to USCIS (immigration) with the rest of the applications and evidence.

The U VISA is a type of case that takes many years, but for some people it is the only option.

One of the reasons I love helping clients with the U Visa is because something good can happen from a difficult or traumatic event.

If you or your child, who is a citizen of the United States or another country, was the victim of a crime that occurred in the United States and that was reported to the police or another government agency, I suggest you speak with an immigration attorney to determine if you qualify for the U Visa.

We handle this type of case frequently, so if we can help you, you can call us or send a message.


We are here to support you!

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This is general information and not legal advice. For advice about your specific situation, please schedule a consultation. (There is a fee).

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