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How can I check my immigration or police record?

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

When a person files an immigration application, they always check the police and immigration records. So it is important to know what is on your record BEFORE you apply because certain criminal convictions and immigration arrests can be detrimental and result in your case being denied. Reviewing the criminal record and the immigration record is something that an immigration attorney should do before filing a case when the person had arrests, convictions, and / or detentions.

How to request a criminal record: If the arrest or conviction was in California, Livescan fingerprints can be taken. There are different types of Livescan and the one I recommend is "Personal Record Review." They can be taken in an office that has nothing to do with the police. These offices normally charge between $ 45- $ 70.

How to get information about an immigration detention:

1. A FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) is requested to try to obtain the documents that the applicant has immigration, including arrests. There are different types of FOIAs and only an immigration attorney can tell you which one (s) you hold. Once the FOIA response comes in, I can advise the person of their options. FOIA responses can take months, so it is important to submit them as soon as possible.

2. FBI Fingerprints: If you were detained by immigration and fingerprints were taken, you can send a request to the FBI with your fingerprints. Results arrive within a week if submitted electronically.

To determine whether to request your criminal record or request a FOIA, please make an appointment with me. I do these procedures regularly for my clients. In the consultation I will also advise if you are eligible for an immigration process. Don't risk your time, money, and life on advice from someone who is not a lawyer. The future of you and your family is more important.

We are here to support you with over 13 years of experience in immigration cases. Contact here to make your appointment. *

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Appointment with Alena:

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This is general information. For advice about your situation, make an appointment or consult with another attorney.


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