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Seize Your Opportunity: Apply for DACA AP Now

Are you a DACA recipient dreaming of securing a legal entry into the United States? The time to act is now. With crucial elections coming up and an important court decision pending, the window of opportunity is wide open. Here's two considerations for applying for DACA Advance Parole (AP) today:


Consideration #1: Election Impact on DACA

Election:  The upcoming presidential election, alongside local and statewide elections, will shape the political landscape for years to come. Whoever wins will take office in January 2025. The Trump Administration tried to end DACA and we should be prepared for that attempt to be made again should he win.  Therefore, it’s important to act swiftly and proactively. Applying for DACA AP now might safeguard your future regardless of the election outcome.

Presidential Powers:  While presidents can't enact laws directly, they can make significant decisions through executive orders and agency appointments. They can appoint people to agencies who think like them and those people who they appoint will in turn hire people who think like them and want to further the president's agenda. By securing DACA AP, you're not just seeking legal entry—you're taking control of your future. Don't wait for policy changes that could negatively affect your immigration status. Act now to protect your rights and opportunities.

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Consideration #2:  DACA Court Decision

DACA in Court: In September 2023, Judge Hanen, a federal judge, issued a ruling declaring that DACA is illegal. This ruling does ot affect people renewing DACA but does prevent USCIS from processing initial applications. This ruling has been appealed and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which previously ruled against DAA, will make the next decision. If the Fifth Circuit rules the same way again, the case would likely make it to the Supreme Court.


Bonus Consideration: Marriage to a US Citizen

If you're married to a U.S. citizen but haven't explored your immigration options, now is the time to take action. Eligibility for permanent residency isn't automatic, and understanding your options is essential. Whether you're considering DACA AP or exploring other pathways to legal status, consulting with an experienced immigration attorney is key. Don't let uncertainty hold you back—empower yourself with knowledge and proactive steps towards a brighter future.


At Law Office of Alena Ray Conrad, P.C., we understand the complexities of immigration law and the importance of timely action. Our team is here to guide you through your immigration application process and explore all available options towards legal status. Take control of your future—contact us today to schedule a complimentary intake call and take the first step towards securing your legal status in the United States.

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Alena Ray Conrad

Immigration Attorney

This is for general information purposes only. For advice about your specific situation, contact an experienced immigration attorney.

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